It’s here where we put our thinking. ‘Cos somebody has to!

Go to Blackwells (Famous) Book Shop in Oxford – where there is a complete Music Section and say to the assistant “I’m looking for something around Special Education Needs for learning music. Can you help me please?” The reply was…”Oh, I don’t really know. Nothing I can suggest. Have you tried the Music Theory section?” Was there anything – even the British Dyslexia Association’s guide – Music and D to music learning? NO! Just no call for it I guess.

The 2 Schools of Thought are;

FIRST SHCOOL OF THOUGHT – None of the 3D’s need be taken into account – or they aren’t realised as important – or able to be overcome – whatever. The 3D’s of … Diversity (simply learning differently) – Difficulty and Disability = SEN-D. Special Education Needs like…

  • Dyslexia – music is ABC based – let’s face it. Then you put letters on lines and teach mnemonics to remember different Alphabet orders EGBDF FACE GBDFA ACEG – and that doesn’t include the ledger lines. Eeeeeeek!
  • Dyscalculia – music IS maths. Let’s do a Major 7th with an augmented #5 and #11. Whaaaat?
  • Dyspraxia – clumsy and trying to play complicated chords. Ooooooops – missed again!
  • ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – reading ahead when concentrating on NOW is impossible
  • Disability – Are you BLIND – well yes actually! I can’t see or have limited vision. Or you find reading black notes or words on white paper really difficult (Like me The Dynamic Dyslexic – with all of the above + Meares/Irlens Syndrome where the notes ‘jiggle’ up and down on sheet music – makes it very difficult to read – and at the age of 12 after 7 years of slog and tutoring – to pass Piano Grade Exams!)
  • Dysmusia – newly discovered – when both sides of the brain and body all need to co-ordinate together. Phewwww!
  • Damage / Diminished Faculty – Whether it is getting older – or physical issues like strokes or brain damage – or slower learning – or any of life’s Difficulties or Disabilities music is too difficult anyway for mostly everybody – what chance do you stand if faced with any form of difficulty? It HAS TO BE MADE EASIER! And this is without the BONUS OF MUSIC LEARNING ADDING TO HEALTH AND WELLBEING – SEE ALL THE TEDEd TALKS!!!
  • DIVERSITY – I left that until last as EVERYONE LEARNS DIFFERENTLY. What is your LMS-ID? Your Learning + Motivation + Style Indicator Designs. Are you a Yellow or Violet Learner? Are you a Squiggle or Box Thinker? Are you being taught the SAME way as everyone else in class – or the SAME way as the Music Teacher teaches EVERYBODY!

In our research and study (for the UK Patent Application – of 25,000 words) of the 500 (yes 500!) attempts and Patents to create a new music system that ‘improves’ or radically ‘changes’ (like Yousician) the Traditional Notation System TNS there is only ONE MENTION (yes only ONE mention – and it is a ‘mention’) of Dyslexia – none of the other SEN-D issues. So this is why we have the FIRST SCHOOL OF THOUGHT – IS – TO NOT GIVE SEN-D A THOUGHT!!!

Here’s an example – I don’t want to criticise people who don’t know how or why to not give SEN-D a thought BUT even if they do how much or how helpful is it! Let’s take a look at the MASSIVE TOME – of KODALY TODAY! Here is a book so big by the ‘Master Pedagogue’ of the 20th Century and a worldwide teaching system for kids across the globe. There is ONE TINY SECTION on the way to approach SEN teaching – which amount to – try lots of stuff like being interactive – but nothing involving colour – or design – or a change of language to make it fun. Then they move quickly on to (guess what!) GIFTED CHILDREN – as if they don’t have SEN-D issues! Chances are just as high as the estimated 20% of the population with something or other – and that doesn’t include AGEING!

SECOND SCHOOL OF THOUGHT – Realise it is important to cater for any/all of the above but be unable or constrained by the ‘system’ that we are stuck with in the TNS – Traditional Notation System to do anything about it. OR…. DO SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT – like Yousician – whether or not you realise you have any of the above.

OUR – THIRD – SCHOOL OF THOUGHT – The 80/20 Rule THAT STICKS WITH THE Traditional Notation System – TNS The 80/20 Rule is one that is propounded by the likes of experts in Dyslexia in the BDA and goes something like this…..

“Get it RIGHT for the 20% that have learning and other difficulties and disabilities and (WOW!) how much better you make it for EVERYBODY INCLUDING THE 80% + 20% = 100%!

But why stick with the TNS? Why not a new system? Because the music world revolves around a MILLENIUM OF MUSIC TRADITION AND WRITINGS – all started by Guido D’Arezzo and his 1025 AD/CE Micrologus = Manual! So…do something with a 21st Century global language of Emojis and graphics and design on line using colour – to ADD to the TNS and let everyone LOVE LEARNING!

Stuff like that!