2025 Millennium Of Music

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The Venue – Phyllis Court – Henley On Thames – 2025-6 A Year of Celebration of the Micrologus That Changed Music Education, Reading, Writing, Singing – Forever

Would you like to CELEBRATE a Millennium of the Traditional Notation System – invented and published around 1025 – 1026 by Guido D’Arezzo. And to look forward to the next Millennium of Music Education?

Would you like to Sponsor, to Join, to Play, to Sing, to Party, to Compose, to Listen, to Speculate, to Innovate, to Demonstrate, to Enjoy and Celebrate the massive achevement of Guido D’Arezzo – here and across the world and what the world of technology and modern learning systems and education is doing now?

Then talk to me me@kevinmthomson.uk. I’m hoping/starting/planning now to make it a global event. I need HELP. Or maybe it will be a drinks party at Phyllis Court with a few friends!

Here’s Sally and I on our Pilgrimage in 2017 where the idea of the 2025 Millenium Of Music Year (MOMY!) was born… The Statue of Guido D’Arezzo.

Guido and us!