6 Types Teacher

Mr. Muscle Memory Says Join ME!
Dot Dyscalculia Says Hi!
  1. Mummy – Daddy – Family Mentors – Wouldn’t it be great to be able to JOIN IN WITH JUNIOR?! What if instead of listening in, in the next room with the occasional ‘”Well done.” “Sounds good!” “Good luck with the exams!” you could actually mentor and motivate and manage the whole process – alongside and with and for them! Why let the kids have all the fun when you could be learning and playing and PLAYING too! That’s why we put Mummy Mentors at the TOP of the List.
  2. ME! Teaching ME! Me teaching myself Music Education. Huh! YES! By making it a self- fulfilling prophecy that let’s you learn by yourself – simply by PLAYING! That’s why we have the Mini-Mentor Emojis as teachers and part of the learning process – to help, encourage, make you smile and learn with them – because they make learning F.AS.T! That’s Fun – Accessible – SENsory – Teachable – with or without difficulties.
  3. My Music Mates – Singers, Choirs, Groups, Orchestras – What better way than to learn with your peers.
  4. Emoji-Go! Music Members – Across the world! People like me who share my interests in the music I like and my dreams for the future.
  5. SEN-D ME to someone who knows what it is like to be like me, teach me, mentor me, show me, help me, test me, push me and go on a musical journey with me – whatever my abilities.
  6. Music Teachers – School Music Teachers – Home Music Teachers – Because teaching music is REALLY tough – especially to those who find it difficult, or just find it boring or dull or not worth while- but also to most others who find it so daunting and dull to be doing the same thing over and over facing a black and white pronted page that was invented 1,000 years ago!