I’m HAPPY and we simply want to make you HAPPY TOO! So, welcome to our 7 Schools of Music. The Full Spectrum of music making – well, most western anyway (more global music in the future!). It’s here, with one, more, or ALL of these 7 Schools that you can learn, explore, mentor, teach or just PLAY with the type of music that you LOVE BEST. Because that’s going to be the way you are best going to WANT to learn and PLAY!

Here’s our 7 Schools of Music. We’re looking to work and partner and learn and grow each School with others who are dedicated to making music – by PLAYING!

HAPPY KIDS SCHOOL OF MUSIC – Does what it says on the packet – it’s PLAYTIME! Here’s just an idea of the FUN we are planning on creating…..

FOLKSY SCHOOL OF MUSIC – For all those who love folk and traditional local music – here you can PLAY be ear – and Emoji-Go! Music too.

GYPSY SCHOOL OF MUSIC – In the wonderful Spanish and Latin style of music from Segovia to Santana – explore the way you love to listen and PLAY!

JAZZY SCHOOL OF MUSIC – If you have always wanted to be ‘cool’ and play Jazz – but were afraid to try – it’s simple – start here – and get PLAYING!

ROCKY SCHOOL OF MUSIC – If Jazzy is ‘cool’ then being a ROCK STAR is HOT! And if that’s what you want to be then you are in the right place. Get going with the 3 Chord Trick in MINUTES. What more do you need (joking!).

TRULY MADLY DEEPLY CLASSICAL SCHOOL OF MUSIC- YES! You REALLY want to be able to play and sight read and explore centuries of awesome music – and even take exams – and go on to join an orchestra – or be an opera star. BUT! It’s all to difficult and dull or you have DIFFICULTIES and it’s just to daunting. We know! So let’s SEN-D you to Truly’s Classical School of Music. Whether or not you have SEN-D Special Educational Needs and Disabilities then surely it’s better to learn to play by PLAYING! That’s our goal. Join us! Please!

THE MAESTROS & MENTORS SCHOOL OF MUSIC – Once you get to a certain point in making music and it might even be an OBSESSION, then WOW! can it get REALLY COMPLICATED! The most difficult thing (we think) in the world – is to MAKE IT SIMPLE! That’s why we have built the SONG CODE WHEELS – to make the complicated as simple as possible. But there’s more. If you are that good, then we want you to go from pupil to teacher or mentor – and help others. You can only help others if the way you show them, and guide them and encourage them is what we call the F.A.S.T! Way. That’s Fun – Accessible – SENsory and most of all for you TEACHABLE!

That’s our 7 SCHOOLS OF MUSIC – We’re building them – with you?