3 For FREE!

Kevin – The Dynamic Dyslexic says: We at the Emoji School of Music want as many people as we can in our Triple A Approach (Every Age – Ability – Aptitude)to be able to experience the Emoji-Go! way we do things around here. So try these out – when we launch them!

The RSVG – Free DIY Download – Make your own music F.A.S.T!
  • D.O.L.L.I.E DIVERSITY’S DIY DOWNLOAD! The Rainbow Super-Staff Visibility Guide = RSVG for Staff and TABS.
  • THREE CHORD TRICK – MOVABLE MUSIC MAKER For Keyboards and Guitar Chord Guide
  • COPYRIGHT FREE – MADE BY ME & ME & ME & ME…… Uploads of Copyright Free RSVG Sheet Music made by YOU – your own music and out of copyright sheet music.