Happy Kids School Of Music

I’m So Happy! Are YOU?!

It’s HERE where it all starts – as Kids! Unless it’s too difficult, dull and daunting to even start to learn music; or too dreary to carry on – with all those exams and hours and hours locked away practicing boring scales and awkward pieces of music. As for us, the Dynamic Dyslexic and Dot Dyscalculia with extra SEN – Special Educational Needs we both gave up as kids after SEVEN years of trying. That’s why we vowed – NO MORE UN-HAPPY KIDS – ONLY HAPPPY KIDS!

So this is our HAPPY KIDS SCHOOL OF MUSIC. Do you want to work with us and help us grow it into the world’s HAPPIEST SHOOL OF MUSIC? Simply contact me – happy@emojischoolofmusic.com. It all starts with Happy people getting together!