1,000 years ago Guido D’Arezzo was working on a system to help choirboys to be able to sing by sight not by memory. He published it around 1025 as a ‘manual’ = Micrologus! He was an AWESOME INNOVATOR! Feted by Popes and Nobles to (quote the New Seekers) Teach The World To Sing.

Whilst he did a lot, well everything we know today is based on it. He….

….adapted the ‘moveable’ lines into a fixed 4 line stave.

….created what we know as Solfege – Do (started of as Ut) Re Me Fa So based on a chant to St John.

Guido D'Arezzo - Solfege based on ode to St John

…..based his music on Pythagorean maths of Note/Chord ratios.

…..created (or helped) the ‘guiding hand’ with notes on the joints


BUT…..He didn’t do anything to make his system F.A.S.T! Fun Accessible Sensory Teachable to all abilities – and learning difficulties. That’s where Emoji’s come in to help 1,000 years later!!!!!

In tribute to him here is the original typed version to the English translation (from the German – not Latin)