Kevin M Thomson AKA The Dynamic Dyslexic Writes: To all at www.hundred.org. Thanks for visiting us! Here’s the link to the full page on the Patent Application; the latest where we are with our designs and UK Launch at the Music & Drama Expo – and our YouGov UK Music Education & Wellbeing Benchmark.

Welcome from me!


Here’s where we are after a lifetime of frustration trying to learn, read and play music!

First the UK Patent Application then where we are now with more thousands of hours development and working with great designers to create our 3D Emoji Mini-Mentors! Thanks to Geoff – Mr. Dependable Designer and the team.

Where we are now. 2019 Music & Drama Expo at Olympia Here’s the Pop-up Banners- thanks for all the feedback and the beginnings of great partnerships.

Having spent my life in the field of sales, marketing and employee communication the single most important word regarding the way to get ‘buy-in’ is MOTIVATION! Not just the person you are trying to reach but your own as well – as the teacher, parent or mentor. The single most important word regarding learning music is DE-MOTIVATION! Just read our YouGov UK Benchmark to discover why. And the complexity and learning difficulty I faced for the whole of my life inspired me to find a new way to MOTIVATE people to want to learn music and play and read and teach and mentor others and OVERCOME ANY DIFFICULITES – THROUGH BEING MOTIVATED.

Read it – and weep! We did!

What follows is a year of work, 25,000 words, designs, prior art research and more – not to get a patent – to ensure the thinking was right through the intellectual rigour of applying for a Patent.

What is the ONE THING that comes out of this. Only ONE MENTION of a learning difficulty (dyslexia) in over 500 Global Patents and attempts to solve the ‘six inconsistencies’ of the 1,000 year old Traditional Notation System first devised by Guido D’Arezzo – published as the ‘Micrologus’ (manual) in 1025/6.

So, a YouGov UK Benchmark survey that says YES! we ALL need a new way of learning – and it’s a BIG WELLBEING issue too. And NO! there are no other SEN-D friendly systems out there that add to the TNS Traditional Notation System for people with – or without music and educational learning or life’s difficulties – like ageing, strokes etc. Because MUSIC IS WELLBEING!

Thanks for reading this.

We look forward to you joining us on our journey to change the world of music education for everyone – every age – every ability – every aptitude. Whether or not you have SEN-D Special Educational Needs! Kindest Regards Kevin M Thomson -aka – The Dynamic Dyslexic!