Partner Pages

From Kevin M Thomson aka The Dynamic Dyslexic & Sally Thomson aka Dot Dyscalculia (Or Recently Discovered Dysmusia – The Strad Link) an open invitation to those who would like to partner with us.

Music & Drama Expo – Olympia

A very BIG thank you to all those who we met at Music & Drama Expo Olympia We had an awesome reception and are talking to lots of prospective partners.

Here’s our strategic goals list of partner groups below.

We are delighted to say we already talking potential partners in all of them

Prototype App

Charities – We want to give away as much of our learning as we can to help the SEN-D community.

So we are talking to a Music School about our Kickstarter PLAYING Wheel of The Cycle of Fifths for Pentatonics and Chord Progressions.

BETT Show Beta Launch

Schools, Music & Home Teachers, SEN-D Specialists

We’ve been working for a year already with Maja and Cliff who are Home Teachers with Bella.

B’s Spelling B

We met at the BETT Show 2018 Excel and are developing Home Teaching aids like B’s Spelling Bee!


We want to ‘SEND’ you to someone who knows what it is like to be like ME; to teach me, mentor me, show me, help me, test me, push me and go on a musical journey with me – whatever my abilities.

Mummy and Family Mentors Music Clubs – Evening, Weekend, Summer Camps. Our goal is to have the Mummy Mentors and Family Mentors to be able to LEARN TO PLAY both the music that the kids are learning AND HOW TO MENTOR THEM!


Sheet Music Publishers, Music Learning, Engraving, Teaching, Exam Boards, Printed T Shirts and all Product Partners

We are looking to all who can help build on the SuperStaff and COLOROKE Systems be it publishing music that is accessible or the books and posters and accessories that make music learning F.A.S.T! That’s Fun – Accessible – SENsory – Teachable!

We look forward to talking to you.

Kevin & Sally Thomson