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My FREE Music!

Here you will find FREE, Copyright Free and Music Learning Difficulty Samplers of Copyright Song and Sheet Music Made with the SVG-O Super Visibility Graphic Overlay. Learn to play and PLAY! with the 3-in-1 Happy Solfa Hands – Rainbow Lyrics – Spectrographic Super Stave! It’s SO F.A.S.T! Fun – Accessible – Sensory – Teachable!

Happy Hands – Music For All Ages – More Below!

Here’s the wonderful tune Moondance with the Super-SVG Overlay. All have to do is purchase a copy (here from musicnotes.com) of any sheet music in copyright and use the Super-SVG to transform it into Super-.F.A.S.T.! Learning Differently For Music & Learning Difficulties. Emoji-Go! Play!

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Emoji-Oke Suzuki!

Kevin Thomson – The Dynamic Dyslexic Writes: OMG! I spent 7 years as a child alone in a room getting to 12 years old and Grade 5 and STOPPED AS I FAILED! Why? Because I wasn’t actually sight reading! I was learning by rote and memory – then it got too much. What was it? I didn’t know then by do now – Dyslexia + Meares/Irlens + ADHD = Unable to concentrate and ‘read forward’ + black and white contrast notes on paper too much to take in when too many notes + notes ‘jiggling’ on the page. A lifetime later and finding NOT ONE Patent or music system for any sort of SEN-D and here is Emoji-Go! Sheet Music with Rainbow Reading Emoji-Oke All-In-One Sing ‘n Sight Reading. The Japanese for ‘langauge’ is GO! The Japanese for 5 (we have 5 fingers!) is also GO!

The FREE SVG Download is aDIY REASONABLE ADJUSTMENT if it helps with SEN-D Special Eduacational Needs or simply IT JUST HELPS – EVERYONE!!

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Micrologus 2025

I’m going to pubish the Guido D’Arezzo original. Found it by a student after a long search. The most important development creating modern music – EVER!

Then I’m going to have Happy Birthday Micrologus – 2025! 1,000 Years Old thanks to Guido D’Arezzo!