Music & Drama Expo London Olympia 2019 We Launch – Partner Search, Edmodo LMS, Who ME! and the Beta Test And Concept Launch Of Our Two ‘Triple A’ Ranges of EMOJI-GO! ME! and EMOJIROKE! ME! For Every Age – Every Ability – Every Aptitude – from The Emoji School Of Music

EMOJI GO ME! GO! In Japanese = Language ME! = Music Education…. A New Global Universally Loved and Used (6 Billion sent every day!) Language of Music Education …..

So Here It Is – Concept Testing our new EMOJIROKE! ME! Sing-A-Long Learning – Starter Packs, Books and Pads for Beginners and those who don’t want to read or learn music notation. But want to  have fun making music.

EMOJI-GO! ME! Concept 4 Years of Development! (See Patent Application and YouGov UK Benchmark Music Wellbeing Survey) Sight Reading Learning – Music Books, Sheet Music, Scales and Much, Much More. With thanks to Emojione……

FYI! Japanese Definitions

Entry Level – EMOKIROKE! ME! – In Japanese E=Picture MOJI=Character IRO=Colour OKE = Orchestra (Karaoke = Empty Orchestra – Emojiroke is full of the Happy Family!).

Sight Reading Level – EMOJIGO! ME! In Japanese GO! = Language. Our Acronym of ME! = Music Education