Are YOU Like the 90+% of the UK (World!) – who tried and gave up or never bothered – too hard?!

We wanted to know….

  1. WHO is or isn’t learning/playing music
  2. WHY they stopped
  3. HOW they feel
  4. WHAT impact is it having on their life and wellbeing

So we (our parent company The MusLEXica Organisation) set up a YouGov Music and Well-being UK Benchmark Survey. Every page tells a sad story about music teaching learning and how the VAST MAJORITY of us have failed to learn or know the HUGE educational and well-being benefits of music learning, playing and sharing the joy with others. We know too from USA data that 95% of US households have no musical instrument and the number of US students learning music has gone form nearly 50% in the 80’s to 33% and since 2000. Read on a weep! But smile if you think there is a F.A.S.T! way to fix it!!!

Read it – and weep! We did!